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Spring Break: Boston-area Oar Repairs and Pickups

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Nov 15, 2022

For rowers who can wait until spring break, Concept2 can give you a "break" on shipping. Concept2 is teaming up with HUDSON to bring two special opportunities to our friends in the Boston area: Order your oars and sculls by February 20, 2023, for pickup March 11, 2023, in Sutton, Massachusetts, at the new HUDSON USA location and Concept2 will cover shipping costs (applicable taxes still apply). That’s right—free shipping on oars and sculls! This offer applies to shipments of sculls and oars only; no exercise equipment or spare parts are eligible. Continue Reading ›

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Comp Success at the 2022 World Rowing Championships

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Oct 03, 2022

world champs mens crew
France, Spain and Australia sprinting to the finish with Comp blades at the 2022 World Rowing Championships.

Concept2 provided oar service and support at this year’s World Rowing Championships in Racice, Czech Republic, which saw over 900 competitors from 65 countries compete at elite rowing’s annual highest-profile competition. Our latest blade design, the Comp, had a strong showing on the medals stand. Continue Reading ›

Winning Times at the Blackburn Challenge

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Sep 20, 2022

Ben Booth has been competing for the US in the World Rowing Coastal Championships since 2015. This year he is both competing and coaching an elite squad of coastal athletes with his new team, Next Level Rowing (co-founded with Marc Oria). He recently won the World Rowing C1X division of the 35th Annual Blackburn Challenge, held each July. This 20-mile (32k) coastal race around Cape Ann, Massachusetts, holds a reputation for being both a fun and demanding challenge. Booth reports that the Comp blade matched his style of rowing, contributing to his result. Continue Reading ›

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How to Choose Your Oar or Scull Grip

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Jun 21, 2022

In a boat, the athlete has three points of contact: the seat, foot stretcher, and oar grips. Grips provide feedback to the athlete on technical execution. It is a sensitive connection for the athlete, allowing a “feel” for the water.

Concept2 offers a variety of sweep and scull grips so that athletes can choose materials and diameters that fit them best. This “fit” involves a personal preference: some athletes row very “light in the hands” and feather the blade only in the fingertips. Other athletes prefer a more robust feel to control the oar.

We offer many different materials that range in feel and durability. There is no consensus on a “best” grip material in terms of tackiness, ability to handle certain conditions, or what may be gentlest on skin. Continue Reading ›

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Supporting Olympians in the Search for Speed

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Jun 24, 2021

When Pete and Dick Dreissigacker first started playing with oar designs in 1976, they were two rowers who were also engineers and they couldn’t resist the challenge of making a faster oar. Specifically, they wanted to improve their speed in the pair because they were racing together in the Olympic Trials leading up to the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Rowing races can be won or lost by fractions of a second so every little bit of speed is worth gathering. Continue Reading ›

Virtual Regatta Services: Oar Repair Webinars during The Head Of The Charles Regatta 2020

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Sep 25, 2020

Free to all 2020 Head Of The Charles Regatta® participants!

Concept2’s Regatta Service Team would love to be working on your oars in our trailer on a crisp and beautiful October weekend, but this year’s regatta service is going virtual. Our free webinars are a way to learn how to update your oars and sculls at your home or boathouse to ensure the best performance of your Concept2 equipment.
Bob Beeman drilling set screws into Concept2 Oar sleeves
Join Bob Beeman, our Senior Oar Repair Technician, and work alongside him on five of the most common oar repairs. Join one or all five webinars! If you prefer, join us without parts on hand and simply watch and learn. In either case, Bob will walk you through the repair and there will be time to ask any questions. Continue Reading ›

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