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The Thrilling World of Coastal Rowing

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Aug 18, 2023

The exhilarating sport of coastal rowing has taken the rowing world by storm, captivating enthusiasts and athletes alike with its blend of strength, strategy, and teamwork. 

The World Rowing Coastal Championships

The World Rowing Coastal Championships is a premier event that celebrates rowing's more adventurous side. Coastal rowing, often referred to as "offshore" rowing, takes place on the open sea, in rivers, lakes, or other bodies of water with varying conditions. This form of rowing challenges athletes with rough waters, unpredictable currents, and changing weather conditions, making it a true test of skill, adaptability, and endurance.

The Coastal Championships feature a variety of race formats, including single, double, and quadruple sculls. Races are held over longer distances, usually ranging from 4000 to 8000 meters. Athletes must navigate buoys and markers, adding an element of strategy to the race as they adapt to changing water conditions.

One of the most captivating aspects of coastal rowing is the breathtaking scenery that athletes and spectators alike get to experience. Rowing along coastlines, amidst rugged landscapes, and against the backdrop of open water, are all part of the appeal.

The World Rowing Beach Sprints Finals

The World Rowing Beach Sprints Finals, on the other hand, offer a distinct and thrilling twist on traditional rowing. This event takes place on sandy beaches, bringing a whole new dynamic to the sport. It combines the power and precision of rowing with the speed and excitement of sprinting, resulting in a high-energy spectacle that is both competitive and visually stunning.

Beach Sprints Finals are all about speed and intensity. Athletes compete in short-distance races, typically around 250 to 350 meters in length. The races are held in a straight-line format starting on the beach with a sprint to the boat. Next, a row with a buoy turn back to the beach, and another sprint to the finish line, making it a head-to-head battle of speed and skill.

The beach setting of this event adds a lively and festive atmosphere. Spectators can get up close to the action, and the short, explosive races ensure that excitement is at an all-time high, making it a perfect event for both die-hard rowing fans and casual observers.

The World Rowing Coastal Championships and the World Rowing Beach Sprints Finals are both shining examples of the versatility and excitement that rowing brings to the world of sports. Whether it is battling the elements on open waters or sprinting along sandy shores, these events highlight the dedication, skill, and passion of rowing athletes worldwide. So, whether you are drawn to the raw power of coastal rowing or the lightning-fast intensity of beach sprints, one thing is certain: the world of rowing has something incredible to offer to everyone.

Concept2 will be at the 2023 World Beach Sprints Finals, September 28–October 1 and the World Rowing Coastal Championships, October 4–7, in Barletta, Italy. If you would like to rent oars for these events, please contact Robin Kingston at

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