How To Use Your PM4

Using the Monitor Display Options

Monitor Display Options and
Workout Data

1:58 Minutes

The Performance Monitor provides several display options. When you are rowing/skiing, press Change Display to cycle through the displays described below. You can also use the buttons on the right of the PM to access these displays:
  • 1st button—All Data
  • 2nd button—Force Curve
  • 3rd button— PaceBoat/PaceSkier
  • 4th button—Bar Chart
  • 5th button—Large Print
During a workout or while viewing results, press Change Units to switch the units from pace to watts to calories. Following the example in the video, when viewing the All Data display with pace as units on a preset distance workout, the following information will be displayed: distance remaining, strokes per minute, work output in pace per 500 meters, elapsed time, heart rate (if you are wearing a heart rate monitor), average pace for entire workout, split time and projected finish time. When you are not rowing/skiing:
  • Use the five buttons on the right to select the various menu options or controls displayed on the PM4 screen. (An example of a control is the plus symbol, which allows you to increment a value during date, time, or workout setup.)
  • Press Menu | Back to display the previous screen.
  • The Change Display and Change Units buttons are not active.