SkiErg Testimonials

Thank you everyone at Concept 2 for my new SkiErg. It's even more awesome in real life than in pictures.

I bought my Concept 2 Indoor Rower one year and two weeks ago and I've logged more than 1.5 million meters. This new addition to my basement is unbelievable!

Keep up the good work. Read More ›

—Jeff Lee

I would recommend the Concept2 SkiErg to anyone in any type of fitness or training facility. First of all, the workout is unbelievably challenging, no matter how good a shape you are in. Your upper body, core, legs, and lungs get an amazing workout. The small footprint and mobility of the unit make it versatile for small group training or in our cardio machine lineup. In an era of very expensive cardio machines, the SkiErg is a fifth of the cost of a traditional treadmill and much more beneficial to train on.

The SkiErg is one of the best buys we have made as a club. Read More ›

—Sean Gale

The SkiErg has very quickly become the most popular machine at Platinum Fitness. Whether it’s Lance Armstrong, Chad Reed or a 70-year-old client trying to stay fit, the SkiErg will whip them into shape fast! Read More ›

—Peter Park

It’s awesome to have a piece of equipment where I can get a cardiovascular workout while using my upper body and core. Read More ›

—Amy Cotta

The SkiErg is the best alternative training for rowing, with the same rhythm and engaging muscles in a very similar way. It is also an excellent supplemental exercise, strengthening core muscles and providing a cardiovascular workout at the same time. I would wholeheartedly recommend every rowing center or club to get hold of a SkiErg. Every rower, whether elite or recreational, can greatly benefit from this exercise. Read More ›

—Zbigniew Andruszkiewicz

What takes me one hour on the SkiErg would take two hours of skiing to get the same effect. Read More ›

—Jan Arne Hansen

After my first few pulls on the machine I knew I had just discovered a great new tool. Read More ›

—Kikkan Randall