How To Use Your PM4

Understanding Workout Types

The PM allows you to program several types of workouts…or none at all if that’s your preference. Read on to learn the basics.

Just Row/Ski

If you’re not the button-pushing type, just hop on an indoor rower or SkiErg and start pulling; the monitor will power up and begin displaying your workout data after a few seconds. This type of workout has no set duration and is known as Just Row or Just Ski. When doing a Just Row/Ski, the monitor counts up from zero.

Just Row/Just Ski workouts can be up to 50,000 meters, and you must row or ski for at least one minute for Just Row/Just Ski results to be saved in memory or on your LogCard. For more information, visit Just Row/Ski.

Single Distance

A Single Distance workout is when you program the monitor for a certain distance (500 meters, 5000 meters, 10000 meters, etc.) with the intention of completing the distance programmed. When doing a single distance piece, the monitor counts down from the number of meters programmed and displays the time to the tenth of a second at the finish.

Single Time

A Single Time workout is when you program the monitor for a certain time (30 minutes, an hour, etc.) with the intention of working out for the amount of time entered. When doing a single time piece, the monitor counts down from the amount of time programmed and displays your total meters at the finish.


Interval workouts are workouts that have periods (intervals) of work followed by rest time during which you might stop completely or, more typically, keep the flywheel spinning at a very easy pace. Interval workouts can be time based, distance based or variable:

Rest Time—Predetermined or Undefined

When setting rest time for an interval workout, you can either specify a set amount of time or set the rest time to undefined, which allows the rest interval to be undetermined. Undefined rest is helpful for workouts such as CrossFit workouts that combine indoor rowing/skiing with other activities off the indoor rower or SkiErg (box jumps, kettle bell swings, etc). See Setting Up a Workout with Undefined Rest for more information.

Preset Workouts

Preset Workouts are pre-programmed workouts—workouts that are already set up in the Performance Monitor. The PM includes five standard workouts and five custom workouts. For more information, see: