PM4 Firmware Overview

Firmware is the program that controls and runs your PM4.

Current Versions

We recommend running the most current firmware available for your PM4.

Indoor Rowers

For PM4s on indoor rowers, there are two current versions of PM4 Firmware:

  • Version 318 (released November 2012)
  • Version 29 (released November 2012)

Versions 29 and lower are for monitors with the original microprocessor. The microprocessor used in the original PM4s was discontinued by the manufacturer. In order to use a different microprocessor, we needed to redesign the PM4. The redesign did not alter functionality between PM4s using different microprocessors but did require a new firmware version.

The first PM4s to use the new microprocessor were put into circulation in June of 2008. These PM4s were released with PM4 Firmware Version 304. If your PM4 Firmware Version is 304 or higher, then PM4 Firmware Version 318 is the current version for your monitor. Otherwise, PM4 Firmware Version 29 is the current version for your monitor. The firmware versions are not interchangeable. That is, Firmware Version 303–318 will not work on a PM4 with Firmware Version 29 and lower, and vice versa.


For PM4s on SkiErgs, the current PM4 Firmware Version is Version 709 (released November 2012).