How To Use Your PM3

Using the PaceBoat/PaceSkier

There are two ways to set up the PaceBoat/PaceSkier feature. You can enter a value for the Optional PaceBoat/PaceSkier Setting whenever you are setting up a workout with the New Workout function or you can use the ReRow/ReSki function to use a split-by-split replay of a prior workout.

Note: In general, a split is 1/5 of a workout. There are a few exceptions to this; for example, splits for 2000m workouts are set at 500m, and splits for a marathon (42,195m) are set at 2000m.

Optional PaceBoat/PaceSkier Setting

This setting gives you a consistent PaceBoat/PaceSkier. You can define the Optional PaceBoat/PaceSkier Setting anytime you are setting up a workout with the New Workout function (Select Workout > New Workout). During your workout, the PaceBoat/PaceSkier setting is displayed at the bottom of the PM4 screen.

Using the ReRow/ReSki Function

Choose the ReRow/ReSki option when you want to re-do a past workout. To use this, you will either need a LogCard that contains past workouts, or have some workouts in the PM Memory.

Rowing or Skiing Against Another Person’s Workouts

There are three methods to row or ski against another person’s workouts:

  1. Have the other person exercise without a LogCard so that their workout will be stored in the PM Memory. Then use the ReRow/ReSki option to select that workout and row/ski against it.
  2. Have the other person (“Person A") row or ski with a LogCard so their results are saved to the LogCard. Use LogCard > List by Type to find their workout. Select ReRow/ReSki, and then remove the LogCard from the monitor. Person B now rows/skis, and has Person A's PaceBoat/PaceSkier driven by Person A's results. Person B's results will be stored to Memory. After the workout is complete, insert Person B's LogCard. Select LogCard > LogCard Utilities > Copy Workout > and select the workout. Person B's results are now on Person B's LogCard.
  3. Use RowPro, which provides a rerow feature. RowPro is a third-party product developed by Digital Rowing and is not a Concept2 product.