How To Use Your PM3

Viewing a Verification Code

The PM3 and PM4 monitors generate a verification code for each piece. This is a 16-digit code that is based on the date, distance and time rowed. If you are entering a piece for the Online Ranking you may want to edit your online logbook entry using the pencil icon and enter this code: doing so will mark your piece as IND_V in the Ranking and make it eligible for recognition as a world record (note, there is no need to enter a verification code if you are using the Concept2 Utility to upload your pieces, as these pieces are considered verified automatically). To get the verification code for a piece:

  1. Ensure your PM is running the latest firmware.
  2. Ensure the date and time on your PM3/PM4 are accurate.
  3. Row or ski your piece, taking care to set up your workout correctly.
  4. After you have rowed your piece, select (View Detail) for the piece.
    • If you are using a LogCard, go to LogCard Menu > List By Date > press the + button.
    • If you are not using a LogCard, go to Main Menu > More Options > Memory > press the + button
  5. On the View Detail screen (either for a workout on the LogCard or in the PM memory), the fourth gray button on the right has no action associated with it. Press this button TWICE. A 16-digit code is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the monitor.

    Verification Code

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