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10 Questions with Steph Hammerman

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Nov 29, 2018

Steph Hammerman is the world’s first CrossFit level2 trainer with cerebral palsy. She is a recent cancer survivor and Nike’s first adaptive training athlete. Steph owns Hammer Driven Fitness in Knightdale, North Carolina.

When did you first hear the name Concept2 or try one of our products?
I first tried one of your products in 2012. This was the year that I had started doing CrossFit.

Do you remember your first workout on a Concept2 machine?
I can't say that I remember my first workout exactly but I do remember wondering if I was going to be able to do the movement as intended. I loved that not only was I able to do the movement as intended I was also able to adapt it if I was in my wheelchair as well. I have found a true enjoyment for rowing. But I'm sure after that workout I was probably beat!

Which Concept2 products do you use? Why have you chosen those products? How do they enhance your training?
I primarily use the indoor rower, but have recently acquired the SkiErg so I'm excited to start implementing that in my training. These products have only helped to increase my aerobic capacity over time. I have chosen these products because they are easy to use independently. As an adaptive athlete, independence is a huge key.

How do you incorporate Concept2 equipment into your programming?
I try to incorporate rowing into my workout at least three times a week. Actually just rowed a 5K the other day and took me 41 minutes.

What types of athletes do you primarily work with?
I love that Hammer Driven Fitness has been open for about two months and we already have a wonderful community. We primarily work with athletes from ages 35 to 65, as well as specializing in adaptive programming. Our space is universally designed so that anybody feels welcome and can use the equipment independently.

What’s your favorite/go-to workout?
I love long workouts. Call me crazy but the more I sweat, the happier I am.

We’d love to hear a quick story that involves Concept2 equipment.
Over the years I have learned that the Concept2 Indoor Rower is one of the most adaptable pieces of equipment. It's funny to me how many people don't realize that the machine actually comes apart. When people see it come apart for the first time–especially adaptive athletes–it's like a lightbulb goes off and it will all come down and they realize they can do the same movement as everybody else.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone hopping on Concept2 equipment for the first time?
Pace yourself, learn correct form and have fun! You never know when the whiteboard will call for a long distance workout.

What trainers or athletes do you look up to?
Chris Hinshaw is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I am lucky to call him my coach.

What or who inspires you to keep going?
My athletes do. Over the years I have encountered a ton of adversity for someone at a young age. But having the ability to help change other peoples' lives makes me just want to be a better coach and person.

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