Erg Golf

Oct 14, 2011

Customers often share with us fun and creative ways they use to approach their workouts. This game is from the archives, first sent in to us by Dick Grossman when he was a rowing coach at Dartmouth College. Continue Reading ›

More Solar for C2

Oct 11, 2011

When we put in our first four solar trackers last summer, we had really hoped to be able to install more but we ran into space limitations due to our septic field. Then, earlier this summer, the town sewer line was extended to the industrial park where we are located and we were able to connect to it. That opened the door for us to install three additional solar arrays, and nearly double our power production. Continue Reading ›

Ski and Tea

Sep 22, 2011

During training camp at Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin, I had a great opportunity to meet a handful of wonderful women. The group “Ski and Tea” came for a ski walking clinic lead by the CXC Women’s Team. We did some mobility drills, ski walking intervals up Telemark Mountain, and yoga. As part of the group tradition, they gather afterwards for tea, coffee and biscuits. Continue Reading ›


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