Holiday Challenge Update

Dec 17, 2012

We are closing in on the fourth week of the Holiday Challenge, and the meter tally is really growing! Over 950 million meters have been rowed or skied for the 2012 Holiday Challenge, and we still have until midnight on December 24 to complete meters! The size of our charity donation is increasing rapidly, and it's exciting to watch the progress on the Online Logbook homepage. Continue Reading ›

The Sandy Ergs

Dec 07, 2012

As coincidence would have it, a New Zealand-bound container of indoor rowers shipped from Concept2 just days before Hurricane Sandy made landfall along the US eastern seaboard. The container had time to make it to the Port of New York and was staged for loading—and sitting near the bottom of the stack—when Sandy hit. Sandy made quick work of flooding everything in her path, including those staged shipping containers... Continue Reading ›

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November in Vermont

Nov 21, 2012

In Vermont, we've turned toward stick season: the time of year after our autumn blaze has gone out and when we wait for winter snows to blanket the land. The trees are bare, and although the ski runs are white on the mountain tops, the valleys are still green. The hard morning frosts set our surroundings aglow—a harbinger, we hope, of the snowy winter to come—and the crisp morning air takes sunrise glory to a whole new level. Continue Reading ›


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