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5 Favorite 20-Minute Workouts

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Jun 15, 2020

Some days, it’s just enough to get a few meters in. I often follow a personal slogan of “any meters are better than no meters.” With two kids at home and working full time, it can be hard to motivate. Here are a few workouts that help me get moving on the RowErg, SkiErg or BikeErg. (Some days, once I start, I am motivated to do even more!)

1: 2 x 10’ with 1’ rest: This one always gets me moving. I find tackling the full 20 minutes at once to be mentally tiring on days I’m not feeling zippy. The thought of a traditional 2k test on the RowErg is equally daunting. Instead, I split my workout into blocks of 10 minutes, which I find to be more approachable. I get up and stretch in between each interval. (Add more intervals if you’re motivated!)

2: 1’ on/1’ off x 10: The nice thing about one-minute intervals is that on the RowErg or SkiErg, you know just how many strokes to take. A stroke rate of 24 spm means “only” 24 strokes on that interval! These short intervals help add some power with a balanced amount of recovery time on the rest interval.

3: 1’/2’/3’/4’/4/3’/2’/1’ (varying spm or rpm each interval): To break up a 20-minute workout, I like to vary the stroke rates (or rpm) in a “pyramid.” I increase by 2 spm/5 rpm on each interval. I often start at 18 spm, peaking at 24 spm, and return back down. (On the BikeErg, I start around 70 rpm.)

4: 1000m x 4 (with 1’ rest in between): While this workout may not be exactly 20 minutes, it’s always satisfying to count down meters. (For the BikeErg, try 2000m.)

5: “Power Ten” every minute: Whether your “Power Ten” is one of power, focus, technique or stroke rate, this exercise gives you something to look forward to. Some athletes like to dedicate their power tens to a person or cause; this can be a nice way to add mindfulness to your workout. On the BikeErg, I increase the damper for 15-20 seconds each minute for similar variety.

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