Updating Your PM4 Firmware

We recommend running the most current firmware available for your PM4. The current versions of PM4 Firmware are as follows:

  • Indoor rowers—The version you need depends on the age of your PM4, although the functionality is the same in each case:
    • Version 318 (released November 2012)
    • Version 29 (released November 2012)
  • SkiErgs—Version 709 (released November 2012)

Firmware updates are done through the Concept2 Utility, which you can download at right. See the instructions below.

Installation Instructions

Saving the Setup to Your Hard Drive for Later Installation

  1. Click Download. The File Download window will appear.
  2. On the File Download window, click Save.
  3. On the Save As window, navigate to the folder in which you would like to save the setup file and click Save.
  4. When you are ready to install the setup program, locate the file on your hard drive (same location as where you saved the file in step 3).
  5. Double-click the file to begin installation. The InstallShield Wizard will launch and guide you through the setup.

To Download and Run this Setup Now

  1. Click Download. The File Download window will appear.
  2. On the File Download window, click Open. The InstallShield Wizard will launch and guide you through the setup.


  • If you need help with the installation wizard, access InstallShield Wizard help.
  • Mac users may need to reboot following installation and before using the Concept2 Utility.

Updating Your Firmware or Installing Beta Firmware

Once you have installed the Concept2 Utility, follow one of the procedures below based on your scenario:

Updating a Single or a Few Monitors

This procedure is best suited to situations where you have only a handful of monitors to update, and you are able to access the internet during the update. If you need to update several monitors, monitors of differing models, or monitors in a location without an internet connection (in a boathouse, for example), see Updating Many Monitors below.)

  1. Connect to the internet.
  2. Shut down any other PM applications (RowPro, for example) you have running.
  3. Connect your PM to your computer with the USB cable that came with your PM. Windows machines may prompt you for information regarding the connection. If that happens, disconnect any other USB devices and ensure that you plug the USB cable in correctly. More info
    If this is the first time you have attached your PM to this computer, the USB driver needs to be installed:

    • Connect the PM to your computer and wait for Windows to recognize it. Windows may require you to click Next several times to complete the driver installation. Some versions of Windows may not tell you that it has been installed properly.
    • Windows may also prompt you for the Windows Operating System CD. You must complete this process before continuing.
    • If Windows states that it cannot install the driver, or displays an error message, you will not be able to complete the installation. Concept2 may be able to help, but you may also need to obtain support from Microsoft or your computer vendor.

    Plug the USB cable in correctly. Plugging the cable into the PM upside down could result in damage. (See graphic below)

  4. Launch the Concept2 Utility on your computer.
  5. Do one of the following, based on your scenario and needs:

    Install the Latest General Release

    • To quickly install the current general release firmware on the PM connected to your computer, click button on right with monitor encircled by arrows on the main window of the Concept2 Utility and follow the prompts. When the installation is complete, you can disconnect the PM and begin using it.

    Install Beta Firmware

    Beta Firmware is the prototype for a new firmware version before its official release. Beta Firmware may include new features and fixes for issues discovered in current versions.

    1. On the main window of the Concept2 Utility, click gear icon.
    2. Click Beta Firmware.
    3. Select I am interested in having the latest "Beta Test" firmware and click OK.
    4. Back on the main window of the Concept2 Utility, click gear icon again.
    5. On the Settings window, click Check For Firmware.
    6. Select Automatically download firmware updates for the PM that is attached to this computer.
    7. Click Check Now. The Concept2 Utility will display a list of the current firmware versions.
    8. Select the firmware version you need, and then click Download Now. The selected firmware version is downloaded to your computer.
    9. When the Concept2 Utility prompts you to install the firmware on your PM4, follow the installation wizard.

Updating Many Monitors

The following procedure is helpful when you have several Performance Monitors to update or if you have to update monitors that are in a location without an internet connection. You'll just need an internet connection for the first step of acquiring the various firmware versions; after that, you'll be able to update the monitors directly from a computer (a laptop is ideal) without needing to connect to the internet. Here is the step-by-step:

  1. Connect to the internet, and on your computer, launch the Concept2 Utility.
  2. On the main window of the Concept2 Utility, click gear icon.
  3. On the Settings window, click Check For Firmware.
  4. Under "Please choose an update download method:" select Automatically download firmware updates for all PM monitors and models and click Check Now.
  5. On the Firmware Updates Available window, select Download ALL files and click Download Now. Your computer will now have firmware updates for all PM3 and PM4 models.
  6. Disconnect from the internet (optional).
  7. When it's time to update the Performance Monitors, take your computer with the firmware files to the monitor location and launch the Concept2 Utility.
  8. Shut down any other PM applications (RowPro, for example) you have running.
  9. Plug a Performance Monitor into your computer. The Concept2 Utility will prompt you to update the firmware for the monitor plugged into the computer. Simply follow the prompts. No internet connection needed!
  10. Continue the process for each performance monitor you have to update.

Concept2 Utility 6.55

.exe format
9 MB
.dmg format
21 MB

Important Notices

  • DO NOT PERFORM FIRMWARE UPDATES USING ANY FORM OF "VIRTUALIZATION" SOFTWARE. This includes products such as VirtualPC, Parallels, VirtualBox, and VMWare. More info
    The firmware update process depends on a direct connection between the operating system and the USB device. Virtualization software does not allow this direct dedicated connection to occur. Updates performed in this manner do not complete properly and render the Performance Monitor inoperable. If you have attempted this, you may be able to recover your PM4 by performing the update using a Windows PC.
  • Please report problems and feedback regarding the current versions of PM4 Firmware to rowing@concept2.com. Problems and feedback may also be discussed in the Product section of the Concept2 Forum.
  • Macintosh OSX users with HP printer software and PM4 Firmware Version 301–308 should upgrade to the current PM4 firmware version.
  • Updating PM4 Firmware may erase some preferences, custom workouts, and any workouts in PM Memory.