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Oars for Every Boat

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Mar 27, 2019

Concept2 builds custom oars for all types of boats. This includes rowing shells used by teams, clubs and scullers for training and competition, but it also includes a wide range of other “boats that go backwards” like ocean and open water rowing boats, skiffs, wherries, guideboats and dories (to name just a few!). Even a stand up paddleboard (SUP) can be rowed!

This winter, my father has been building a Chesapeake Light Craft (CLC) Oxford Shell II in his basement. He has already built several kayaks from CLC kits and the process is similar. The kit arrives with okume marine plywood parts, epoxy kit, hardware and fiberglass. It takes approximately 90 hours to complete. (Thankfully, my father is retired!). We’re looking forward to using this rowing shell this spring with our rowing club, once the river is clear of ice. This design is a bit more stable boat than our other racing shells, suitable for the rough waters on Lake Champlain. This shell can also race; in fact, a master’s athlete competed in this year’s Head Of The Charles Regatta in an Oxford Shell II she built herself!

There are several companies that offer boat building kits so you can build your own shell. The experience is rewarding and gives you an opportunity to personalize the look and feel of your boat. A set of Concept2 sculls completes the kit; we custom-build oars for all types of small craft.

Our oar team can assist in helping match the best oar configuration for your boat, no matter what the design. We look at the rigging system and hull design to find the right configuration. Some boats use a drop-in rigging system complete with sliding seat and riggers; these boats tend to use what we consider a “standard” span between the rigger pins. We can adjust the overall length of oars and sculls, as needed, for boats that have a higher or lower waterline. As always, you can choose the components that best fit your boat and rowing style.

Hull designs vary depending on tradition and usage. Some boat designs were originally intended for fishing, recreation or transport. Many of them are rowed by a single athlete while others require a crew. For the single sculler looking for a recreational option, the Bantam scull can be a nice fit. It is an affordable option, easy to order, and has added durability. (It can also be customized as needed.)

Ocean and coastal rowing is a fast-growing sport that combines athleticism, competition and rough waters. It is exciting to watch and thrilling to experience. Concept2 offers competitive options for athletes looking to train and compete in coastal rowing. The number of coastal and touring regattas is growing, along with the World Rowing Coastal Championships.

Whether you find yourself ice canoeing in Quebec or floating your own creation on a local pond, Concept2 will help match the right oars to you.

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