C2 Doubles its Solar Power

Nov 09, 2013

“If all goes according to plan, installation should begin by the end of September, and be completed by the end of October.” - Concept2 Blog, September 17, 2013.

Well, it didn’t all go according to plan. The hitch: it turned out that our roof needed to be replaced before it made sense to cover it with solar panels. Then came a torrential rainstorm mid-roof job for added excitement and hassle. We got the place dried out, and, as of Halloween, all 198 panels had been installed on the brand new roof thanks to speedy work by our installers, Solar Gain. There’s still a bit of wiring to finish up, and we’re waiting for some back-ordered inverters, but the final installation and power up should happen quickly once they arrive. We should be ready to generate by the 20th of November.

The new array essentially doubles our solar production, from 45kw to 90kw. So we’ll now be producing about 40% of our electricity via solar.

Working on the wiring

View from the roof
From the roof, looking west toward Mt. Mansfield

View from the parking lot
Looking up from the parking lot

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