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Training with Peloton, Apple Fitness+ and Other Apps

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Jul 13, 2023

woman on rowergAt Concept2 we know that everyone is different when it comes to their fitness goals and training plans, and our products allow you to choose your workout experience—we don’t lock you into just one! Our PM5 is considered open-platform, which enables you to connect with apps and programs that offer additional features and functions, including live and on-demand classes, virtual racing, training programs and more.

Peloton recently made their software available to use on 3rd party products. While it won’t connect directly to the PM5, you can still use the app and get the class experience, and have your workout sync to the Concept2 Online Logbook using our free app Ergdata. (Note that the Peloton app requires a subscription.)

You can also use other subscription-based apps like Regatta Fitness, Asensei and Apple Fitness+. The ability to use your Concept2 machine with a variety of apps allows you to use the erg you love and join others around the world in on-demand classes.

These apps, along with an increasing number of YouTube video classes from the likes of Dark Horse Rowing, let you experience a row-along workout for free. UCanRow2 also recently added on-demand classes, both free and subscription-based. The access to guided workouts has never been easier.
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All RowErgs now come with our Device Holder that allows you to place your tablet right below the Performance Monitor. Using the Device Holder conveniently lets you keep a watchful eye on your data and have content right in front of you. It’s retrofittable to older RowErgs, and available for the BikeErg, too.

With no power required, you can use your RowErg where you want, and how you want, whether that’s a ‘Just Row’ or a 5k in your basement. Our free app ErgData allows you to track and upload all your workouts to your online logbook, and if you want a virtual community experience, hop on the Real Time Loop in ErgData to just row, ski or ride with the Concept2 community.

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