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Our Ambassadors: Powered by Sport. Driven by Community.

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Oct 24, 2023

Concept2 is about more than just the machine. It’s about the worldwide community that has grown around our ergs, thanks to all who use them and bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas, participation and camaraderie. Our community is where we go for support, encouragement and competition and we strive to nurture it with our motivational programs, online challenges and videos, to name a few.

In 2023 we established the Concept2 Ambassador program. We weren’t seeking athletes who had the most social media followers, likes, or gym selfies, but individuals who represented Concept2 and the values we hold strong.

We’re excited to share the bios of our Concept2 Ambassadors. Head over to their social media pages to follow their journeys.

Anna Weiss

Anna started racing in sailing internationally at age 11 and presently sails for SailGP Team USA. Anna has found the RowErg translates well to the explosiveness needed for pumping in windsurfing. Anna is familiar with the RowErg and performance tests consisting of peak power, 30 seconds max watts, 500 meter sprints and the classic 2k. When Anna isn't on the water she can be found training, running or biking.

Aaron Scott

aaron scott

Aaron is dedicated to his community in Detroit. He has spent time working with students and introducing them to a healthier lifestyle. Aaron holds certifications in yoga, CrossFit, weightlifting and other modalities that help him share his passion with his community. Mindfulness is also an important aspect of his coaching when working with both new and elite athletes. Aaron has been a fan of Concept2 for a long time, to the point that he even brought his RowErg to a middle school for career day to show it to students.

Lindsay Hill

Lindsay is a lifelong endurance athlete and an Air Force reservist. She started her nonprofit, Veteran Recreation, a 501(c)3 which works on connecting veterans to recreation as a means of coping and improving mental health. This has pushed Lindsay in her everyday life to try new things and get out more. Lindsay uses the Concept2 BikeErg for cross training for her running, as well as for future fundraising bike endeavors.

lindsay hill

keston john

Keston John

Keston is an actor in film, television, voiceover and theater. Most recently he was in Avatar: The Way of Water. The world of acting comes with long days, especially in action movies where multiple takes of sprinting, falling and jumping take place. Keston prioritizes his physical health to endure those long days. Aside from staying in shape for work, Keston wants to be a positive role model for his family, especially his 4-year-old daughter, who hops on the RowErg while he trains. Keston first discovered the Concept2 RowErg in 2018 when trying CrossFit and has been hooked ever since.

emily mac

Emily MacDonnell

Emily is a multi-disciplined coach whose love for fitness grew from playing basketball at Moravian University where she also interned as a strength and conditioning coach. Emily has a nutrition and online coaching business, and also coaches F45, and CrossFit fundamentals at CrossFit Pushin Weight in Powhatan, Virginia. CrossFit was where she was first introduced to the Concept2 ergs and has since found them to be a staple in her world of cardio, which used to be primarily running.

Jonny Ortiz

Jonny is an adventure athlete with a love for whitewater kayaking and pushing himself on the erg. Johnny is a new father so finding time to fit in mountain biking, kayaking, coaching and a RowErg marathon takes some careful planning. He gets over 200 days on the water whether that’s in his home state of North Carolina, paddling the Grand Canyon or competing in white water racing.

johnny ortiz

Megan Jacoby

megan jacoby

Megan is a hybrid athlete in Hyrox, Deka Fit, and Battle Bunker, and a former Division 1 runner, powerlifter and CrossFit enthusiast. She is the current Women’s Pro Hyrox world record holder and was the first woman to break 60 minutes in a Hyrox competition. Megan holds several other record-breaking accolades in the Spartan Deka Mile and Hyrox Doubles, and was the runner up at the 2023 Hyrox World Championships. All of these events use Concept2 products, so her training is quite Concept2 heavy! She is a coach at Synergy Athletics as well as a DOD contractor. When Megan isn’t competing, coaching or training she loves to spend time with her daughter and puppy.

katie beiler

Katie Bieler

Katie is a former Division I rower at the University of Louisville from 2018-2023. She started rowing in 7th grade and fell in love with the sport. While in college Katie created and ran University of Louisville Rowing’s TikTok and created a community of over 50,000 followers. She enjoys finding creative ways to educate people on the sport of rowing. She knows the importance of balance, which means some days may be high volume sessions, and other days may just be playing the Fish Game on the Performance Monitor 5 (PM5). When Katie is on the erg she most often listens to Taylor Swift or Drake.

molly lauridsen

Molly Lauridsen

Molly hails from New Hampshire where she grew up ski racing. She was also a competitive cyclist for many years, winning the title of New England Cycling Champion. When Molly looked to break off from the competitive cycling world, she spent a lot more time mountain biking, or towing the kiddos on her gravel bike. Molly is a personal trainer and loves working directly with individuals of all abilities in her community. Molly notes both the SkiErg and the BikeErg have helped her improve her running. When Molly isn’t playing in the hills of the Green Mountain State she spends time with her family and has a small jewelry design business that she uses as her creative outlet.

veronica gogan

Veronica Gogan

Veronica is a para equestrian, an adaptive athlete, a mom and an accessibility and multiple sclerosis advocate. Veronica primarily uses the SkiErg for cardio and fitness and notes she can use it standing with leg braces or seated from her wheelchair. Veronica also likes to scuba dive, hike and keeps up with her 6- and 7-year-old boys. She prides herself in her advocacy, and likes to spend time cooking, reading and knitting in her free time.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Ambassador program click here.

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