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9 Ways the Real Time Loop Can Spice Up Your Workout

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Jun 16, 2023

woman on bikeerg using LoopThe Real Time Loop on our free app ErgData makes it easy to row, ski or ride in real time with members of the Concept2 community on a virtual 1000 meter loop. All you need to do is connect ErgData to the PM5 as usual and click on Real Time at the bottom.

Here are nine ways the Real Time Loop can add fun and camaraderie to your workout:

  1. Just Row (or Ski or Bike)
  2. Did you know that you can do your “Just Row/Ski/Ride” workout on the new ErgData Real Time Loop? After your workout, you’ll be able to view all your stats in your Online LogBook as usual.

  3. Join a Community Session for a Challenge
  4. June 19, 2023 features the Juneteenth Challenge, and there will be three community sessions on the loop at 6 a.m., 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. ET. Find out more.

  5. Meet Friends for a Workout
  6. Set a time to show up on the loop and meet your friends for a cruise.

  7. Incentive to Go Faster
  8. There are people of all speeds on the loop—some faster than you, some slower than you, and some about the same. In the upper right corner, you’ll see the meter gap between you and the people you are closest to. See if you can gradually close that gap to the person ahead of you! Or widen the gap to the person behind you.

  9. Incentive to Go Longer
  10. There’s a lot to watch on the loop, and you may find that the meters melt away a bit faster than you expect. Once you start another 1k lap of the loop, you’ll want to finish it. And then you may find yourself starting another!

  11. Count Country Flags
  12. The country flags of your closest fellow “loopers” are displayed in the upper right corner of the close-up screen (you’ll see the two closest people on a phone and the four closest people on a tablet). Keep track of the countries you see. Switch to the overhead view screen and you’ll see the total number of countries currently on the loop. Have you seen them all? You can also keep a running tally of countries you’ve seen in all your loop sessions. So far, folks from over 100 different countries have been on the loop!

  13. Get to Know the Avatars
  14. After several sessions on the loop, you will probably begin to recognize some of the same people by their avatars, or their initials. It’s like running into friends when you’re out for a row, ski or ride.

  15. Watch the Total Loop Meters Grow!
  16. On the overhead display, in the upper right, you’ll see the total kilometers accumulated on the loop to date. It’s a fun number to watch since it grows more quickly than your own personal kilometers, reflecting the cumulative work of everyone on the loop.

  17. Do the Summer Solstice Challenge!
  18. Let the loop keep you going for 21k for the Summer Solstice Challenge on June 21! You’ll have good company, data to inform you, flags to count, avatars to meet and incentive to go faster. Your workout will be automatically sent to your online logbook as usual.

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