Retrofitting Monitors to Older Indoor Rowers

Improve your workouts by updating the monitor on your indoor rower to a PM5. Refer to the following table for pricing, features, and retrofit instructions.

  PM5 Retrofit Monitor
Price For Models A, B or C
$180.00 plus shipping (US and Canada only)

For Model D
$160.00 or $180.00 plus shipping (US and Canada only), depending on whether you want new mounting hardware. See Purchase Includes below for more information.

For Model E and Dynamic
$160.00 plus shipping (US and Canada only)
Availability and Part Numbers Model E and Dynamic: PN 1818
Model D:

  • PN 1834 (includes mounting hardware)
  • PN 1818 (monitor and batteries only)

Model C: PN 1833
Model B: PN 1832
Model A: PN 1831

Not sure which model you have? We can help

Purchase Includes
  • PM5 monitor
  • Two D cell batteries
  • Mounting hardware (Does not apply to PN 1818, as additional mounting hardware is not needed when retrofitting a PM5 to a Model E or Dynamic Indoor Rower, and is optional when retrofitting a PM5 to a Model D.)
  • Smartphone Cradle (applies only to PNs 1834, 1833, 1832 and 1831; does not apply to PN 1818)

Retrofitting to a Model D
When retrofitting a PM5 to a Model D you have two options: to purchase just the monitor (PN 1818) or to purchase the monitor with new mounting hardware (PN 1834).

While the PM5 will fit on the existing monitor arm, the new monitor arm (included with PN 1834) allows for improved monitor cord routing for a tidier overall finished look. The retrofit you choose is up to your personal preference.

Power Generation Two D cell batteries

  • When using a PM5 on SkiErgs or on Model D, E or Dynamic Indoor Rowers, there will be no drain on the batteries while the machine is in use, because the spinning flywheel powers the monitor.
  • When using a PM5 on Models A, B or C Indoor Rowers, the monitor is powered solely by the two D cell batteries (included in the retrofit kit).
Retrofit Instructions PM5 Retrofit Model D
PM5 Retrofit Model C
PM5 Retrofit Model B
PM5 Retrofit Model A