Product Availability and Wait List FAQs

Please read the FAQs below prior to contacting us. If you do need to contact us, please note our customer service phone hours: Monday-Friday, 9:30 a.m-4 p.m. ET. If you need to contact us outside these hours, please use Chat (if available from the website) or email.

RowErg, BikeErg and SkiErg Wait List and Availability

Q: How long will I have to wait to be able to place my order once I sign up for the wait list?
A: Having been shut down for 6 weeks due to the pandemic, it will take us a while to get caught up. You can expect a wait of about 8-10 weeks, but please sign up on the wait list for better estimates and regular updates.

Q: How will I know when it’s time for me to order?
A: We will continue to send regular emails to everyone on the wait list with the status of product availability. When product is available for you to order, you will receive a separate email with instructions on how to place your order.

Q: Can I pre-order or pay now?
A: No. When stock is available for you to order, we will email you with instructions on how to place your order.

Q: How quickly are orders shipping once placed? How long is transit time?
A: We are shipping orders within 5 business days of receipt. Transit time information varies; please see our website for more information. There are some disruptions in the carrier network, so delivery times are only estimates.

Q: What if I need to change products on my wait list request?
A: Please return to the wait list and fill it out with ALL products you are interested in, and use the same email address as on your prior request.

Q: What products is Concept2 currently manufacturing?
A: We are currently making black Model D RowErgs, BikeErgs, SkiErgs, and SkiErg Floor Stands, and processing wait list orders on a first-come first-served basis. If you signed up on our wait list, you will receive an email when it is your turn to order.

Q: When will you start making other RowErgs? (Model E, gray Model D, Dynamic)
A: To streamline production, we are beginning with the black Model D. The timing for the remaining models is still unknown, but it will be at least several months. Please stay on the wait list if you are interested in these products.

Q: I signed up for the Model E or Dynamic; why am I receiving an update about the Model D?
A: Our timelines for the Model E and Dynamic RowErgs are uncertain. Because the Model D will be available first, we are sending you updates for the Model D in case you’d like to purchase the first available type of RowErg instead.

Regardless of whether you purchase the Model D or not, we will update you regarding the availability of the Model E/Dynamic when we know more.

Q: If I requested a RowErg OTHER THAN the Black Model D, do I need to change my request?
A: No, you do not need to change your request. Regardless of the RowErg model or color you initially signed up for, we will notify everyone by email when the black Model D is available, and update everyone with any information regarding the other model options. If you had initially requested the gray Model D, the Model E (black or gray) or Dynamic, but now want a black Model D, there is no need to change your request.

Q: Can I come to the office to pick up an order when they are available again?
A: Concept2 headquarters in Morrisville, Vermont, will remain closed to outside visitors for the foreseeable future. At this time, all orders need to ship and cannot be picked up at the office. Please call us if you’re local (in Vermont) so we can best assist with shipping options.

Parts and Accessories

Due to supply chain limitations, many of our parts and accessories are on back-order.

Q: Is there a wait list for spare parts or accessories?
A: No. Please call us 800.245.5676 to place this order. Our team can confirm the best known ship date when you call. Supplies are limited.

Q: I’m on the wait list for indoor training equipment. Can you add accessories to my wait list request?
A: There is no wait list for parts or accessories. When you’re able to place your order online, you can add additional accessories to your order from our shop. If you don’t see the accessories you’re looking for online, you can call us at 800.245.5676 to order. Our team can confirm the best known ship date when you call. Supplies may be limited.

Q: How can I order parts or accessories that are not available on the website?
A: Please call us at 800.245.5676 to place your order. Our team can confirm the best known ship date when you call. Supplies are limited.


Q: Can I order oars?
A: Yes. Following health and safety guidance, Concept2 is currently producing oars and sculls. Please call 877.887.8053 to discuss your order or email

Other Suppliers

Q: Where else can I buy Concept2 equipment in the US or Canada?
A: Concept2 ships directly to customers throughout the US and Canada. In addition, you may find products available at some of our resellers.

  • Rogue Fitness has a notification list and may have limited quantities available from time to time.
  • Amazon may have limited quantities available from time to time.
  • Regional resellers may have limited inventory available. If you have someone in your area whom you know to carry Concept2, please contact them directly.

If you choose to buy through one of those retailers, we will support all warranties and questions you may have.

Please be aware that there are scams and fraudulent offers for Concept2 equipment. If you see ads or a website with a “too good to be true” offer, or even if it seems at all suspicious, please feel free to check with us to find out if the offer is legitimate.

Q: I found someone listing Concept2 equipment for sale with a promised availability date. Is that date accurate?
A: We work with a limited number of resellers in the US and Canada. At this time, we have not promised delivery dates to our resellers. If you have found a deal that sounds “too good to be true” in terms of price or promised ship date, feel free to contact us to confirm. Scam websites do exist.