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Screen Reader Instructions for Syncing Workouts to your Online Logbook

ErgData allows you to upload workouts to your Online Logbook at This is referred to as syncing. If you don't have an online logbook, visit to create one. Once you have an online logbook, you will need to provide the login credentials to ErgData so it knows which logbook to send your workouts to.

Adding your Online Logbook Credentials to ErgData

  1. Launch ErgData and turn your device to Landscape mode with the Home button at the left.
  2. Swipe left to "Preferences button. Changes user preferences." Double tap to select it.
  3. Swipe left to "Concept2 Online Logbook Sign In." Double tap to select it.
  4. Swipe left to "Logbook Username." Double tap to edit it, and enter the username for your online logbook at Be sure to match capitalization, as ErgData requires case sensitivity.
  5. Swipe left to "Logbook Password." Double tap to edit it. Be sure to match capitalization, as ErgData requires case sensitivity.
  6. Swipe left to "Sign In to Logbook button." Double tap it.
    • If you entered your credentials correctly, you will receive a "Success" alert message. Swipe left to "OK" and double tap to clear the message.
    • If you receive an "Incorrect" alert message, swipe left to "OK," double tap to clear the message, and re-try entering your username and password.

    Once you have successfully entered your credentials, you are ready to Sync workouts. ErgData remembers these credentials, so you don't need to take these steps every time.

  7. Swipe right to the Preferences back button and double tap it. You should hear "Preferences Back, back button." Double tap to exit Preferences and return to the main ErgData screens.

Syncing Workouts

Now that you have entered your login credentials in ErgData, you are ready to sync workouts. Do this as follows:

  1. While on a main ErgData screen, swipe right to left with three fingers until you reach "Page three of three, LogBook Sync button."
  2. Double tap Sync. This will send any eligible workouts from ErgData to your online logbook. (Refer to More About Syncing Workouts below.) Synced workouts remain in ErgData until you delete them from the app.
  3. Swipe left with three fingers twice to return to the first ErgData screen.

More About Syncing Workouts

  • Workouts uploaded in this manner will have ErgData as the type and are considered verified entries for the Rankings and records.
  • You can only sync workouts that were done during the current ranking year. Each ranking year runs from May 1 to April 30. If the workout you want to sync is outside of the current ranking year, you will need to log into your online logbook at and enter it as a historical workout (click History in your online logbook to enter the workout).
  • Synced interval workouts are uploaded as one workout where the distance equals the total distance (rest and work meters combined) and the time equals the total time (rest and work intervals combined).
  • If you do not see any workouts listed in ErgData to upload, and you have definitely done some, check the Performance Monitor to see if a LogCard is inserted. If so, remove it when you want to use ErgData. As long as a LogCard is in the monitor, any workouts will get stored to it and not to the ErgData app.