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COM/RS232 Communication Problems

Several things can cause e-Row not to communicate properly with a PM2+. If this problem occurs, take the following steps:

  1. Check all cables and connections, making sure they are secure.
  2. Determine which COM port you are using if you can. Make sure that e-Row is told what COM port you are using (usually either COM1 or COM2).
  3. Refer to the flowchart below to determine which COM port you are using. You will need to download COM-TEST-WIN-101801.EXE.

USB Help

There are many issues with USB to consider that do not relate to e-Row. These are as follows:

  • As a general rule, USB does not work at all (for all practical purposes) under Win 95, Win 3.1, and Win NT. Some USB devices do have drivers for NT or 95, but USB does not work natively on these OS's.
  • USB itself works properly with Win 98SE, Me, 2000, XP Home, XP Pro.
  • Some implementations of USB on some computers are very problematic. Computer systems with SiS or Ali chipsets can be a real problem. Check out for help with these issues. These issues may or may not affect e-Row and PM2+'s.

In relation to e-Row, the PM2+ has a RS232 serial port. There are, on the market, many USB to RS232 Serial adapters available. Do not confuse these with USB Hubs. In theory these USB to RS232 serial adapters should work.

Concept2 has tested and recommends Keyspan model #USA–19QW, USA-19W, and USA–19HS. Some customers have had luck with other USB to RS232 adapters, such as Radio Shack 26-183; however Concept2 cannot support other adapters. No matter which adapter you choose (including the Keyspan), it is important to make sure that the adapter and current drivers are installed properly. In addition, the adapter MUST be set for COM1 or COM2 for e-Row to work properly. Although e-Row version 4.0 seems to work acceptably, Concept2 recommends using e-Row 4.1 for use with USB to RS232 adapters due to updates in the e-Row communication drivers.

Setting Up Marathon Workouts

In the New Workout or Modify Workout setup screen, enter the duration of 42,195 meters and use the mouse to move to another field or to another button such as OK. Using the Tab, Enter, or arrow keys to exit the Duration field will result in a message box indicating that the value is out of bounds and cannot be greater than 32,767. This validation bug is left over from an older version of e-Row whose data values were more limited.