Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I do with the PM2+ Interface Specification?

    Using an RS-232 interface, the protocol specification outlines the command and data exchanges needed to extract distance, time and pace information from the Concept 2 PM2+ monitor. This information is sufficient to reproduce the PM2+ Monitor display. From there it's just a matter of using your creativity.

  2. How do I program the PM2+ Monitor from an RS-232 enabled device?

    The commands released in this specification only allow devices to query and receive the data required to replicate the PM2+ Monitor display.

  3. What programming language should I use and what platforms are supported?

    Any programming language that will allow you to use RS-232 communication should suffice. The normal platform would be a PC to PM2+ monitor. Peripheral devices such as PALMs are also supported, but a special cable adapter will probably be needed in this case. More specifically a NULL MODEM and a female-female gender changer will be required.

  4. Can I get sample programming code?

    Yes. See the interface specification document. This code is known to work.

  5. How do I get support?

    This FAQ is the primary support channel. Additional questions may be emailed to

  6. Can I sell my program?

    Yes, but please direct your customers to call you for all support issues related to your product.

  7. I send a command sequence, but nothing comes back.

    Check your cable and plugs. Check your (PC) serial port settings. Serial port should be set for 9600 BAUD, 8 bits, no parity, hardware flow control off.

  8. I am able to receive the data, what do I do with it?

    See the interface specification. You will have to write a function/ procedure to interpret the data packets.

  9. USB (Universal Serial Bus)? Firewire?

    No, we do not support USB or Firewire. Only RS-232 communication is supported.

  10. I'm using Hyperterminal and I type a "0 x B 0 0 x 0 0" and nothing comes back.

    In order to receive a response, you need to send a byte with a hexadecimal value of 0xB0, followed by a byte with the value of 0x00 (zero).