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ErgRace Online For Organizers

Running an online ErgRace requires a race organizer. This is the person responsible for generating the unique competition code, creating races and adding people to them, as well as starting it. All this is done on our ErgRace Online Race Organizer site. There is no need to download any additional software. The race organizer will need to provide the competition code to everyone taking part in the race. We recommend getting competitors to check our ErgRace Online for Competitors section well in advance of the race itself. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Go to the ErgRace Online race organizer site.
  2. Login with your Concept2 Logbook account.
  3. Create a competition. A competition is the overall event, which will have one or more races.
  4. Competitions can either be private or public. Public competitions will be visible in the ErgRace Online app and anyone can join them.
  5. Click on the competition name to start ErgRace.
  6. Create one or more races. These can be for distance, time or Calories.
  7. Run a race.
  8. View the results for that race.


You can either run an “informal” race without registrations or a more “formal” race with athletes organized in advance if you know their Logbook ID. This saves you having to add them at the start of the race as athletes will be matched automatically. ErgRace Online does not have its own race registration system. If you need this, there are a number of third parties such as Regatta Central who offer race registration. You may want to set up a video chat room or similar service to keep in contact with the participants to advise them of schedule changes, technical issues or to provide them with connection help. It is not currently possible to contact participants through ErgRace.

More Help

There is an online manual available. This is kept up-to-date with any known issues. We strongly recommend you read this prior to running your race. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact [email protected].