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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Shawn Ramirez

My name is Shawn Ramirez and I am a CrossFit Games 40-44 Masters Competitor. I wanted to first, Thank You for putting out the absolute BEST product that enabled me to keep my endurance and met-con up without putting stress on my joints and ankle in particular.

In 1999, I sustained a devastating blow to my calcaneus in an accident in Europe, which left me unable to walk. The Doctors in Spain, woke me up with a prognosis that I possibly wouldn't be able to ever walk again. This gave me a surge of will and power that motivated me beyond measure. Within just 3 months of intense therapy, I was back on my feet, ready to take on the world. Fast forward several years later, to the 2014 CrossFit Games, and I was able to "walk" off the podium, crowned as "The Fittest Man on Earth."

I'm writing this letter to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for producing a product that allowed me to overcome this tragedy, enabling me to avoid compound pressure on my heel, which led me to become the CF Games World Champion!

Keep doing what you do, truly making a difference in many lives!