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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Peter Pike

Back in January, I purchased a Concept 2 Indoor Rower. I've since put over 250,000 meters on it, and am in the best shape of my life. I wanted to express how much I appreciate your company and the quality machine that you made. I don't think it's much of an exaggeration to say that your indoor rower helped to save my life, given that I have always been obese, have type-2 diabetes, and have to sleep with a CPAP due to sleep apnea. After just three months of rowing consistently, I have dropped two inches on my belt size and have no problems maintaining my blood sugar levels. I'm sure that in a few more months, I'll be able to get off my CPAP machine too and will hopefully no longer be obese! Today, for the first time in years, I tried doing push ups and was able to complete a full set of 10 without stopping.

While I know that the majority of my gains are due to the change in my attitude about getting serious regarding my health, I don't think I could have had the success I've had without using a rowing machine. Thank you for what you guys do, to make a great workout machine that's also comfortable over long distances (I'm up to an hour per day on average), and one that helps me hit my life goals. You're worth every penny I paid, and then some!