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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Miles Betley

I've been involved with the sport of rowing for a dozen years now. I got my start rowing with the crew at Saint John's High School in Shrewsbury, MA, where I learned to love the aspects of this sport. Those aspects have really made me who I am today—constantly challenging myself to be better than I was the previous day (or race or piece or...), along with the strongest sense of team spirit I've found in any organized sport. After rowing at St. John's for four years under Coach John Ermilio, rowing took me to the University of Chicago. There, I rowed for all four years of college, through injuries and the other challenges involved with organizing and running the club as a college student. I made some of my best friends, including my wife Marjie and my mentor and coach Amanda Carson through U Chicago Crew, and I'm truly thankful for the opportunities I had at U Chicago and the doors it opened up for me.

After taking some time off to coach, the siren call of the erg and the water were too loud for me to ignore any longer, and I began rowing again with the Lincoln Park Boat Club in Chicago two years ago. Under the supervision of Head Coach Trish Brubaker, our sweep team has been incredibly successful to date, consistently medaling in multiple events at Master's Nationals and with top 15 finishes at the Head of The Charles over the past three years. In 2013, I'm looking forward to continuing to set personal bests on the erg and on the water as our team looks to even more success in 2013.