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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Marilyn Krichko

In the early 1980s I started rowing in Philadelphia when friend of mine asked me to participate in a Learn to Row program at the University of Pennsylvania. During the first few minutes I was in the boat, I started relating rowing to life and work and it eventually changed my life. In 1998 I founded The OARS Program team building and leadership company and developed The Rowers' Code. We are now organized as Criterion Consulting Solutions. In 2011 The Rowers’ Code™ programs and book followed and are the backbone of the leadership and team building programs my company offers today. Our website is I am avid rower at Lake Washington Rowing Club in Seattle. I love rowing on my Concept 2. It helps me stay in shape and develop mental toughness. The online community is a way for me to participate in fun and healthy competition.