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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Janna Atcheson

I am writing to express my appreciation to this company for its extremely generous, holistic, and robust breadth of support offerings. More specifically, I am referring to the ErgData app, Online Logbook, WODs, articles, videos, and so on.

As an established company with the strongest and best-known product in its market, your machines "speak" for themselves. But to freely provide the tools for individual users of all kinds to simply and conveniently track, chart, visualize, and manage their progress to such a detailed degree truly sets this company apart. I avidly utilize and widely recommend Concept2’s fantastic features. They have been invaluable tools for me personally, and thus I wanted to thank C2 for developing and providing them.

In my estimation, this company exemplifies the pinnacle of what a health-and-fitness-based business should strive to be.