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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Evans Hood

I guess you can say I'm a part of a rowing family—my Dad, Brother, Sister, Uncle, Cousin—you name it. My brief stint on the water competitively was more than 15 years ago, but my competitive spirit still takes advantage of the many challenges and team activities afforded on the erg! I row in the garage on a hand me down Model C, and have had fun leading/teaching a rowing class at our local YMCA using Model D and E ergs twice a week for the past two years as well. Our indoor crew ranges from multi-million meter pros to novices. It's exciting to witness new rowers learning the unbelievable benefits our sport has to offer, as well as seasoned pros gritting out the tough workouts! I also don't think the rowing 'bug' will stop with me. My young kids are already competing to put some meters on and row—even before they started walking!