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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Bryan Ragon

I was never much of an athlete in school, primary, secondary, or college. Once I got into the "real world", I would do the typical one hour of resistance training and 5k on a treadmill. I had my first experience with a Concept2 Indoor Rower in 2007 when I also found CrossFit. During most of that time, I wasn't a hardcore rower. i was just doing it when it came up in our usual workouts. However this year a friend and I decided to go for the million meter challenge. So starting Jan 1, I started logging all my meters on here. Twenty days in, I'm just shy of 10% of the goal. Not much compared to some of the impressive numbers I'm seeing on here from others, but I'm definitely enjoying the added training to my usual workouts. Looking forward to the next 900k!