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Indoor Rowing Testimonials

Bob Freitag

I live in Clinton, New Jersey. I'm 52 years old. The first time I rowed was on a Concept2 Model B in 1989 in a competition at my company's gym.

I went all out to the point of exhaustion and wound up hurting something in my neck. I was an amateur with improper form and no experience. I then avoided the rowing machine for the next 20 years since it basically whipped my butt.

Fast forward to 2008: My son Ryan in West Point joined the crew team. After going to a few regattas, I was intrigued and inspired by the sport, fitness level and physiques of the athletes.

In 2009, I bought a Model D and started rowing.

I checked out the Concept2 web site and found training and challenges. After scouring the web site I found the million meter challenge. After practicing and following the videos, I decided to try the million meter challenge. I finished my first million in 11 months in 2010. I'm now working on 2 million.

I love the Model D as you control the workout from a relaxed, watching-TV state to an all out kill-yourself if you desire. I recommend this machine to all folks I know looking for a complete low-impact workout.