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Apr 30, 2014

Sometimes it can be easier to get motivated if you have a workout partner. Most times, it’s just more fun! If you need a little spice in your routine, find a partner and try one of these workouts. Note: Any place we refer to “erg” means you can use the indoor rower or SkiErg.

Indoor Rower and SkiErg

This can also be done with two indoor rowers if you don’t have a SkiErg.

  • Pre-set a distance of 250m on both Performance Monitors (PM).
  • Start on both machines at the same time. Both partners stop when the first one reaches 250m.
  • Swap machines, reset PMs to 250m (aim to keep the transition time to about 30 seconds) and repeat!
  • After a set of 10 (5 reps on each machine) take a 3-4 minute rest, then repeat for a second set of 10.

Erg and Work

Option 1

  • Pre-set 500m intervals (undefined rest) on the PM.
  • Choose one of the work options below. Note that you will repeat the work reps until your partner reaches 500m.
  • Start at the same time—one of you on the indoor rower, and the other on your chosen work option.
  • When the rowing partner reaches 500m, switch places, and repeat for a total of 20 minutes.
  • Work options:
    • Option 1: 5 pull ups, 5 pushups, 10 sit ups, repeat.
    • Option 2: 5 pushups, 5 air squats, 10 sit ups, repeat.
    • Option 3: 5 pushups, 10 sit ups, 25 rope jumps, repeat.

Option 2

  • Row in “Just Row” mode.
  • The Work: 5 pushups, 10 situps, 20 air squats.
  • Start at the same time!
  • When the worker finishes the assigned number of reps, switch places with the rower.
  • Repeat for a total of 20 minutes.

Option 3

  • Pre-set 500m intervals (undefined rest) on the PM
  • Work options:
    • Option 1: 12 burpees
    • Option 2: 15 air squats
  • Start at the same time!
  • When the worker finishes the assigned number of reps, s/he rests until the rower finishes 500m.
  • Repeat until you have each rowed 5 x 500m.

Erg and Run

Erg until your partner finishes the run.

  • Select a running route or distance that will take roughly 4 minutes to complete
  • Row in “Just Row” mode.
  • Start at the same time—one partner rowing, the other running!
  • When the runner comes back, switch places!
  • Repeat until you have completed each activity 4 times.

No partner? With a little imagination, most of these workouts can be done with an imaginary partner as well. Have fun!

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