Indoor Rower Testimonials

I will be suggesting the Concept2 rower to as many people as I can get to listen. Keep up the good work. You are changing people's lives. And not just the real-serious-rowing-types, but regular people like myself, too. Read More ›

—A. S.

There is not one muscle group neglected. Total choice workout...With the Dynamic Rower I finally get the workout I've always deserved but could never find. A lifetime fan here. Read More ›

—Dan DeMarco

I absolutely love the feeling I get after a rowing workout, it is the best total body workout there is: legs, arms, core, everything. Read More ›

—Jason Butler

I want to thank your company for making the equipment that turned me into what my orthopedic surgeon calls a "medical miracle." He has never seen a patient recuperate so quickly from a total knee replacement. I could walk without crutches two days after surgery, drive my car in ten days and was totally off pain medication in two weeks. It's been six weeks now, and I'm still not perfect but I'm getting there. Read More ›

—Amy Vander Stoep Karraker

I think it's a great machine. It’s very familiar. It has the monitor the way we like it. It gives you the same information. I’m very excited to have one, and we’ll be using them a lot. Concept2, thank you for making such a high-quality dynamic erg. Read More ›

—Bryan Volpenhein

I can't thank you enough for inventing such a great product and marketing it so that it's widely accessible to almost everyone. Your rowing machine is by far the best piece of gym equipment available. I will continue to work hard and use your erg for the rest of my life and make sure I share the benefits of using one to my friends and family. Read More ›

—Jonathan Doyle

I find that rowing on the Dynamic is much more like actually rowing on the water. Read More ›

—Francis Sulger