PM5 Troubleshooting

Battery Issues


  • Your Performance Monitor (PM) is warning you that the batteries are too low, but you think the batteries are OK.
  • You’re using D cell batteries in your PM, and the battery life seems short.

Resolution 1

This resolution applies to PMs installed on the following equipment:

  • Model D Indoor Rower
  • Model E Indoor Rower
  • Dynamic Indoor Rower
  • SkiErg

Take the following steps to determine whether the problem is with the generator cable or the battery.

Note: This procedure will not work for the combination of a PM5, hardware version 500–599, and Firmware Version 20/720. Please see this known issue for more information and alternatives, or update your monitor to Firmware Version 22/722 or higher.

  1. Remove all batteries from the PM.
  2. Ensure the “tach” (generator) cable is plugged in firmly and all the way.
  3. Row/ski hard on your machine.
    • If the PM comes on and stays on while you are rowing/skiing, then at least part of the generator is working. Proceed to step 4.
    • If the PM does not come on, then generator cable needs to be replaced, and you can stop following this diagnostic procedure.
  4. Install fresh D cell batteries in the PM. The PM should power up.
  5. Set the language and date (the year, at minimum).
  6. On the PM Main Menu select More Options, then Utilities, then Product ID.
  7. Look at the Model type. Make sure it is set to D or D/E.
  8. If using a PM4, look at the firmware version and ensure your PM is running the most current version. If you have old firmware, the rechargeable battery will not work at all after a while. Your PM4 will work fine after updating the firmware and fully charging the battery pack.
  9. Press Menu or Menu | Back until you reach the Main Menu.
  10. Select Just Row/Ski.
  11. Start rowing/skiing:
    • If the numbers begin counting, then the generator appears to be working. Proceed to step 10.
    • If the numbers do not begin counting, stop this diagnostic procedure and replace the generator before proceeding.
  12. Stop, press Menu or Menu | Back while the flywheel is still spinning, and wait for 30–60 seconds. If you receive a low battery message, stop this diagnostic procedure and replace the generator.
  13. If using a PM4, remove the D cell batteries and install the rechargeable battery pack.
  14. If using a PM4, plug the PM into a USB port of a computer overnight to charge battery. Note: Concept2 recommends turning off your computer’s Hibernate or Sleep modes; otherwise, you may not get a good charge.

Resolution 2

This resolution applies only to monitors in use with Model A, B, or C Indoor Rowers.

Under normal circumstances, a set of Alkaline D cell batteries should last in a PM3 or PM4 for about 350 hours of operational time, and about 200 hours of operational time in a PM5. If you find this is not the case, take the following steps:

  1. Check your firmware version: On the Main Menu select More Options > Utilities > Product ID. Running the latest version of the firmware may extend the life of batteries, as newer firmware uses the microprocessor more efficiently.
  2. Observe the performance monitor after rowing/skiing. The monitor should turn off within six minutes of the time you stop rowing (except when plugged into a computer, using PM4 racing, or during certain types of intervals). If it is not turning off within that timeframe, please contact Concept2 for assistance.
  3. Check the battery level: On the Main Menu select More Options > Utilities > Battery. Once the battery level gets down to about 80%, the battery percentage should not go down by more than 1% per day. If it does, there is probably damage to the circuit board and the unit should be replaced. In a health club, the most likely cause of this is spraying the monitor with cleaning chemicals.