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How to Use Your PM5

Setting Up a Distance Interval Workout

  1. On the Main Menu, choose Select Workout.
  2. Select New Workout.
  3. Depending on your firmware version, either:
    • Select Intervals and then select Intervals: Distance, or
    • Select Intervals: Distance.
  4. On the Intervals: Distance window, set the work interval distance, rest interval time and PaceBoat/PaceSkier, as desired:
    • Choose plus or minus to increase/decrease the values as needed.
    • Choose the right and left arrows to navigate through the various digits.
  5. Select the checkmark icon to save the workout.
    • If you are using a LogCard or USB flash drive, the PM will prompt you to save the workout as a favorite. This is a good idea if this is a workout you do frequently. Select Yes to save the workout. Then, select the favorite you'd like to replace with the new workout.
    • If you do not want to save the workout as a favorite, select No.
  6. The PM5 allows a maximum of 50 intervals in a single workout.