Garmin and Suunto Heart Rate Monitors

Garmin and Suunto heart rate equipment is compatible with the PM4 monitor only, as the PM4 is the only Concept2 Performance Monitor equipped with a built-in ANT technology heart rate receiver.

Concept2 includes a Garmin chest belt with each PM4 purchase. For more information about the heart rate products Concept2 sells, visit our Heart Rate Equipment page.

Use the pages in this section for how-to and troubleshooting help in using Garmin or Suunto equipment with Concept2 Performance Monitors. For customer service or warranty issues regarding the belts themselves, please contact the customer service for the relevant company.

Garmin Customer Service

913.397.8200 (US)
800.800.1020 (US Toll Free)
866.429.9296 (Canada)
0808 238 0000 (UK)
1800 235 822 (Australia)

Suunto Customer Service

800.543.9124 (US)
020 360 805 34 (UK)
1800 240 498 (Australia)