Concept2 oarlocks are shaped for easy oar handling with positive stable positioning on both drive and recovery. Oarlocks are sold in pairs with replaceable bushings for pin fit and 1–7 degrees of pitch adjustment. Our oarlocks are made of unbreakable, supertough nylon and feature stainless steel gates. They meet FISA standards for oarlock turning diameter.

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Important: Pin diameter must be specified at time of order to determine what size bushings you’ll need. Bushings are sold by color. Refer to the following chart.

Bushing Color Pin Diameters
Sweep Scull
Black 9/16 in ½ in (with adapter*)
Blue 13 mm 13 mm
White ½ in 7/16 in
*Adapter for “crescent” type scull backstand fits into ½ in scull bushing.

Bushings are sold in units called rakes. Each rake of pitch bushings is enough for two oarlocks.

How to adjust pitch using bushings

Oarlocks and Bushings