World IRC Replays 2017

Race replays will appear as soon as possible after each event.

Click on the race title below to see the race replay. Note: For best results, maximize the new browser window.

Race 1 Row A
Race 2 Row B
Race 2 Row C
Race 3 Row A
Race 3 Row B
Race 3 Row C
Veteran Men 50-54 Hwt/Lwt, Veteran Men 55-59 Hwt
Race 4 Row A
Race 4 Row B
Race 4 Row C
Veteran Men 55-59, Hwt/Lwt, Veteran Men, 60-64, Hwt/Lwt, Veteran Men 65-69 Hwt
Race 5 Row A
Race 5 Row B
Race 5 Row C
Veteran Men 65-69 Lwt, Veteran Men 70-99 Hwt/Lwt, Veteran Women 50-59 Hwt/Lwt
Race 6 Row A
Race 6 Row B
Race 6 Row C
Veteran Women 50-99 Hwt/Lwt, Senior Men/Women 40-49 Lwt
Race 7 Row A
Race 7 Row B
Race 7 Row C
Senior Men 40-49 Hwt
Race 8 Row A
Race 8 Row B
Race 8 Row C
Senior Women 40-49 Hwt, Master Men/Women 30-39 Lwt, Lwt Open Women
Race 9 Row A
Race 9 Row B
Race 9 Row C
Lwt Open Men/Women
Race 10 Row A
Race 10 Row B
Race 10 Row C
Youth Girls/Boys
Race 11 Row A
Race 11 Row B
Race 11 Row C
Race 12 Row A
Race 12 Row B
Race 12 Row C
Open Women, Lwt Open Women, Junior Women Hwt/Lwt
Race 13 Row A
Race 13 Row B
Race 13 Row C
Lwt Open Women, Junior Women Lwt
Race 14 Row A
Race 14 Row B
Race 14 Row C
Open Men, Junior Men Hwt/Lwt
Race 15 Row A
Race 15 Row B
Race 15 Row C
Lwt Open Men, Junior Men Lwt
Race 16 Row A
Race 16 Row B
Race 16 Row C
Lwt Junior Men, Lwt Open Men
Race 17 Row A
Race 17 Row B
Race 17 Row C
Open Women, Junior Women Hwt
Race 18 Row A
Race 18 Row B
Race 18 Row C
Open Women, Junior Women Hwt
Race 19 Row A
Race 19 Row B
Race 19 Row C
Junior Men, Open Men
Race 20 Row A
Race 20 Row B
Race 20 Row C
Junior Men, Open Men
Race 21 Row A
Race 21 Row B
Race 21 Row C
Master Women 30-39 Hwt
Race 22 Row A
Race 22 Row B
Race 22 Row C
Master Men 30-39 Hwt
Race 23 Row A
Race 23 Row B
Race 23 Row C
Open Women
Race 24 Row A
Race 24 Row B
Race 24 Row C
Open Women
Race 25 Row A
Race 25 Row B
Race 25 Row C
Open Men
Race 26 Row A
Race 26 Row B
Race 26 Row C
Open Men
Race 27 Row A
Inclusion Relay
Race 28 Row A
Race 28 Row B
Team Relay