World Indoor Rowing Championships

The 36th World Indoor Rowing Championship, hosted by the CRASH-B Sprints, took place on February 12, 2017, at the Agganis Arena in Boston. Nearly 1,700 entrants from all over the world braved a severe winter storm to come to Boston and race the 2000m distance. Several world records were set, including one by 95-year-old Dorothy (Dottie) Stewart.

We have race videos available to watch, as well as full results and race replays.

2017 Open Medalists

Men's Open Hwt
1 Bartosz Zablocki AZS Szczecin Rowing Club, Poland 5:45.8
2 Pavel Shurmei Belarus 5:47.8
3 Angel Fournier Rodriguez Cuba 5:49.0
Men's Lwt
1 Sam Melvin 6:14.6
2 Jose Gomez-Feria Real Circulo Labradores, Spain 6:16.1
3 Alex Ridenour USA 6:20.0
Women's Open Hwt
1 Olena Buryak Ukraine 6:33.0
2 Georgie Rowe Chocolate Box Training, Australia 6:40.4
3 Jose van Veen KNRB, Netherlands 6:41.7
Women's Lwt
1 Erin Roberts Riverside boat Club, USA 6:58.1
2 Hillary Saeger Riverside Boat Club, USA 7:06.5
3 Ann Phillips Quad Cities Rowing Association, USA 7:19.7