Online Challenges

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Sample of the Concept2 Online Logbook Challenges page
Concept2 has a number of challenges throughout the year. Many of these reward consistency and total meters instead of speed, giving an extra incentive to work out regularly. You can also feel good that you are part of the larger Concept2 community, even if you work out alone!

How to Participate

All of our online challenges are run through the Concept2 Online Logbook—a free web-based application that allows you to record your workouts, track your total meters and, if you choose, compare your times with other participants from around the world.

Once you achieve the challenge goal, you’ll be able to download a certificate of participation or purchase items such as T-shirts and mugs. If you like, you can also have your name included on the challenge honor board!

For more information about each challenge, visit the Challenge Information section of the Logbook, or click on the challenge name below. You can also download a Challenge Calendar.

Challenges for Individuals

To participate in an individual challenge, you just need to create an online logbook and record your meters in it.

Challenge Dates Type Description
Tour De SkiErg Feb 1–28 Ski A different event challenge each week
Military Challenge Feb 1–28 Row/Ski If you're in a military affiliation, help them row and ski as many meters as possible
Valentine Challenge Feb 9–14 Row/Ski Row and/or ski a total of 14,000m
Mud Season Madness Mar 1–31 Row/Ski Row and/or ski 5000m or 10,000m meters each day for 25 days or more
Global Marathon May 1–15 Row/Ski Row or ski either a full (42,195m) or half (21,097m) marathon in one workout
Summer Solstice Jun 21 Row/Ski Row and/or ski 21,000 meters
Dog Days of Summer Aug 1–28 Row/Ski Row and/or ski a different distance goal each week
Skeleton Crew Oct 25–31 Row/Ski Row and/or ski at least 31,000 meters
Holiday Challenge Nov 23–Dec 24 Row/Ski Row and/or ski 100,000 meters or 200,000 meters

Challenges for Teams

To take part in team challenges, you’ll need to join a team. To find one, click on the Teams link in your Online Logbook or visit the Concept2 Training Forum to find a team recruiting members. Alternatively, you can set up your own team for others to join. For more information on teams, including more on how to set them up, see the FAQ section of the Online Logbook.

Challenge Dates Type Description
Virtual Team Challenge Jan 1–31 Row/Ski Complete as many meters as you can during the timeframe indicated
World Erg Challenge Mar 15–Apr 15 Row/Ski Complete as many meters as you can during the timeframe indicated
Fall Team Challenge Sep 15–Oct 15 Row/Ski Complete as many meters as you can during the timeframe indicated