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Model B Troubleshooting

Noise from Monorail

Symptom 1

Scraping noise inside the monorail.

Resolution 1

The skewer may not be properly positioned in the monorail. Loosen the four screws holding the skewer in the monorail, then retighten starting with the front right side (as you sit on seat facing the wheel), followed by the right rear, then the left front, and finally the left rear. If this doesn't help, shine a flashlight in one end of the monorail while looking through the other end, and have someone row very slowly. Check for any interference of moving parts which might be causing the noise. Next, try pulling out the skewer. Compare it to the skewer drawing below, being sure there aren't any twists in either the chain or the shock cord. If you still haven't found anything wrong and the noise persists, try bending the skewer very slightly away from the traveling pulley. When you put it back in the monorail, be sure to position it as described above. If the noise still persists, contact us for help.

Symptom 2

Tinkling/clinking sound in the monorail.

Resolution 2

The shock cord may be too loose. To tighten the shock cord, pull the S.C.A.M. (see Return Mechanism Instructions) out the back of the monorail with a pair of pliers and feed enough cord through the S.C.A.M. to achieve the desired tension. If you have more than 6" of excess cord, it should be trimmed after taping the area to be cut to prevent unraveling.