SkiErg Testimonials

Jan Arne Hansen

I received my SkiErg in August, 2010 and have been able to improve my double poling far quicker than I could by either roller skiing or double poling out in the forest. I can easily control my speed and heart rate in the correct training zones. After using the SkiErg I have improved my time in the Marcialonga (a 70k classic race) by one hour five minutes. I am racing in the Vasaloppet again this year, which runs 90 kilometers from Salen to Mora, Sweden. To ski this within my target time of five hours needs a lot of double poling in the autumn as well as in the winter. The SkiErg has saved me many times since, as a businessman who often travels, it can be difficult to find enough time to train. What takes me one hour on the SkiErg would take two hours of skiing to get the same effect.

Five friends of mine, who all ski for Sportsgutta Brandbu, also use the SkiErg as a fast and effective way to improve double poling. The challenges on the SkiErg are motivating and fun, and we compare our results by text message in the afternoon. We also race against each other to see our improvements and to motivate each other. Before the big races, like Vasaloppet and Marcialonga, we do a lot of intervals on the SkiErg such as 4x4 minutes with three minutes between, and 5x5 minutes with three minutes between.

My father, Per Arne Hansen, also uses the SkiErg several times a week, even at the age of 68. He recently came back from Wisconsin, after racing in the American Birkebeiner, with a new victory in the 65–70 age group. He did the 54k classical race in three hours seven minutes.