How to Use

Screen Reader Instructions for Enabling Voice Guidance and Using ErgData

ErgData Version 1.2.12 for iOS provides voice guidance, provided you are running iOS 7 or higher. To enable this feature and for further instructions on how to use ErgData, please refer to the following information (written for use with screen readers). Refer to the iOS Requirements for additional information on running ErgData.

Voice Guidance is turned off in ErgData by default. To enable it and start using ErgData:

  1. Go to App Switcher to ensure that ErgData is not running.
  2. Launch ErgData. It will probably read two-thousand, zero or some other number.
  3. Turn your iPhone to Landscape mode so that the Home button is on the left.
  4. Swipe left to right until you get to the last field. This should be the "Preferences" button. Double tap to select it.
  5. Swipe left to right until you find "Voice Guidance, off." Double tap to select it.
  6. Swipe left to right until you find "Voice Guidance, Switch button, off, double tap to toggle setting." Double tap to turn Voice Guidance on.
  7. Swipe left to right until you find "Voice Interval," which is the interval at which ErgData will announce your scores. 30 seconds is the default. The other options are 15 seconds, one minute and two minutes. If you want to change this, double tap to the Voice Intervals screen, swipe left to right until you get to the value you want and double tap to select it. When done, swipe right to left until you find "Voice Guidance Back button." Double tap to return to the other Voice Guidance settings.
  8. Swipe left to right until you find "Audio Cues Heading." This section allows you to choose which data you would like ErgData to read. The options are:
    • Meters
    • Time
    • Current Pace
    • Average Pace
    • Heart Rate
    • Stroke Rate
    • Workout Summary

    To enable or disable any of these audio cues, swipe left to right to navigate to a cue and double tap to toggle the cue on or off. When you are done, swipe right to left until you find "Preferences Back button." Double tap to return to the Preferences screen. You should then hear "Preferences Back, Back button." Double tap to exit Preferences. You should hear "Preferences button. Changes user preferences."

  9. Swipe right to left exactly twice.
  10. You should hear one of several statements. A description of each prompt follows:
    • If ErgData says, "Please connect Concept2 cable," this tells you to plug in the cable to the dock on the iPhone. If you do not have one, please order part number 2780 from Concept2.
    • If ErgData says, "Please connect PM3 or PM4," then the cable is properly connected and talking to the iPhone. Now plug the other end of the cable into the PM3 or PM4. The USB port is in the lower right corner of the PM3/PM4. The beveled edges of the USB connector face away from you.
    • If ErgData says "Alert, incorrect date," then you have connected to the PM3 or PM4 correctly, but the date on the monitor is set incorrectly. Swipe left to right and double tap OK.
    • If ErgData says "Ready to start workout," then it is connected properly.

You can start working out now with a Just Row workout. When you pause, you may hear "Are you finished?" You can ignore this and just start rowing again. When you are done with your workout, press the "MENU" button on the performance monitor to log the workout to memory.

Updating Preferences

Once Voice Guidance is turned on, you can change preferences at any time as follows:

  1. Swipe left to right to reach the Preferences button and double tap it.
  2. Swipe left to right to reach Voice Guidance On, and double tap it to access and change Voice Guidance preferences.
  3. When done, swipe right to left to the Preferences Back button and double tap it. When you hear "Preferences Back, Back button" double tap it to exit Preferences. You will now hear "Preferences button. Changes user preferences." Your new settings are saved.

Performance Monitor Buttons

This section describes the buttons on the front of the Performance Monitor and includes some button sequences for setting up different workouts.

The left most button is "UNITS," and the middle is "DISPLAY." You will not use these buttons.

There are several buttons on the right side of the monitor. Starting at the upper right corner, we will call this button A, followed by B, C, D, E, and MENU as you go down the right side.

Start off all workout sequences by pressing the MENU button, which is in the lower right corner. You may want to wait a few moments for the monitor to turn on.

  • To set up a 2000 meter piece, press B, A, A.
  • To set up a 5000 meter piece, press B, A, B.
  • To set up a 10,000 meter piece, press B, A, C.
  • To set up a 30 minute piece, press B, A, D.
  • To set up an interval workout with 500 meters of work and one minute of rest, press B, A, E.

There are other workouts pre-programmed in the monitor starting with the sequence B, B. These are referred to as Custom Workouts and can be changed by a user, so it is possible that the workouts on your monitor are different. The default workouts and how to access them are:

  • Intervals of 30 seconds work followed by 30 seconds of rest: press B, B, A.
  • Staircase intervals from 1 minute work and 1 minute rest followed by 2 minutes work and 2 minutes rest, progressing up to 4 minutes and back down to 1: press B, B, B.
  • A marathon piece (42,195 meters): press B, B, E.

Additional Information

Voice features for ErgData are designed to be very basic in nature. Although improvements may be made, Concept2 does not currently intend to make every voice feature perfect. Any software developer who would like to create a better application for the visually impaired may contact Scott Hamilton at Concept2 for more information on developing their own app for the indoor rower or SkiErg.