How to Use

Editing Firmware Update and Notification Settings

The Concept2 Utility is configured to periodically check Concept2’s web site for Concept2 Utility and firmware updates. If you have an active internet connection running when you launch the Concept2 Utility, by default the utility will check to see if any updates are available and prompt you accordingly. You can then download the new version of the utility or simply close the prompt. Additionally, if you plug a PM into your computer, have the Concept2 Utility running, and have an active internet connection, the utility will check to see if a newer version of PM firmware is available for download. If updates are available and you would like to install them, simply follow the prompts to do so.

To access and edit these settings, click the gear icon on the bottom right of the main Concept2 Utility window. Then use the options on the Settings/Preferences window to:

  • Change how often the Concept2 Utility checks for updates
  • Enable/disable automatic checking
  • Enable/disable automatic reminders to update your PM
  • Manually check for updates
  • Manually update your PM firmware
  • Indicate whether you are interested in trying Beta (Test) Firmware

    Beta Firmware is the prototype for a new firmware version before its official release. Beta Firmware may include new features and fixes for issues discovered in current versions.


  • Updating firmware on older PM3s or using older computers can occasionally be problematic. Although it is a rare occurrence, it is possible to render your PM3 inoperable if the update process does not fully complete. In most cases, you can complete the update process by rebooting your computer and trying the update again, or trying the update on a different computer. Concept2 is available for email or telephone support if you encounter problems.
  • Very old PM3s may not update properly using the Concept2 Utility. In this case, you may need to update your PM3 using the PM3 Firmware 101 file.