Dreissigacker Racing Oars


Athletes at all levels of the sport around the world rely on Concept2.

  • 75% of all competitors at the 2014 World Championships used Concept2 oars and sculls.
  • 90% of all sweep gold medals at the 2014 World Championships were won with Concept2 oars.


For Peter and Dick Dreissigacker, rowing is a lifelong passion and engineering is a way of life. The Dreissigacker brothers continue to analyze how oars propel boats. This process leads to questions, testing and design changes for the sake of improved efficiency.


Designing innovative products for rowing since 1976:

  • 1977: Concept2 brought carbon oars to the rowing community, leading the movement away from the wooden oars of the day.
  • 1992: Concept2's asymmetric Big Blade shocked the rowing world into changing the way it looked at blade design.
  • 2004: Concept2 fine-tuned the hydrodynamics of the Big Blade, which resulted in the development of the Smoothie and Fat blades.
  • 2011: Concept2 introduces smaller diameter Skinny shafts to minimize wind resistance and soften the catch on the most efficient blades.
  • Today: Concept2 continues influencing blade shape and shaft diameter as the Dreissigacker brothers build on their commitment to design and build the best racing oars in the world.


We believe it is our responsibility to:

  • Design and produce the best oars and sculls in the world.
  • Sell them factory direct at a reasonable price.
  • Offer timely support for our customers from the factory and in the field.

Whether you are a novice rower or an elite athlete, when you buy oars from Concept2, you invest in this tradition of performance, passion, innovation and support.