Employee Profile: Nathan Paulin

May 15, 2017

He just can’t stay away from making sure things work.

Nathan Paulin has always been interested in keeping things maintained and running smoothly. Prior to July 2010, you could find Nathan “playing” in the service shop of the local sporting goods store he managed—tuning and repairing bikes, skis and snowboards. In the summer of that year, Nathan would add the Concept2 Indoor Rower and SkiErg to his repertoire when he became a member of the Concept2 Customer Service Tech Support Team.

When a customer calls in, it is possible Nathan will pick up the call. Situations that increase this likelihood would be if the customer needs help troubleshooting an issue or ordering spare parts to keep their indoor rower, SkiErg or Performance Monitor in great shape. Nathan enjoys these scenarios. In fact, when asked what the favorite part of his job was, he answered, “The sounds of success when a customer is able to resolve a technical issue they are working on.” He is always happy to celebrate a loyal customer breathing life back into Concept2 equipment. Nathan often impresses his coworkers as they overhear these successes happen right over the phone!

When he’s not working, Nathan enjoys going to music concerts, hiking, birdwatching, and checking out local museums. You can often find Nathan and his wife, Christina, in the park trying to tire out their tireless border collie, Nora. Back at home, Nathan loves spending time with his two awesome kids, Elizabeth (21) and Sam (20), along with Nora’s unwilling playmate, Coralline the cat.

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