Employee Profile: Alex Dunne

May 19, 2014

Alex Dunne and daughter Beth

Alex Dunne helps oversee operations at Concept2’s UK subsidiary, Concept2 Ltd. He brings with him 15 years of experience representing Concept2, a competitive rowing background, and a passion for “anything connected with sport.”

“I primarily work with the rest of the UK team to help ensure that everything here is running smoothly, and that we are representing Concept2 in the right way as we try to take the business forward,” Alex says of his job. As for highlights, Alex cites, “attending all the indoor races, regattas and other events that we are involved with, and working for a company that I really believe in, with a great group of people.”

Before joining Concept2, Alex studied Manufacturing Engineering at Nottingham University. From there he went on to teach Mathematics at secondary school. At 26-years-old, after four years of teaching, Alex started looking outside of education to see what else was possible. “That’s when the opportunity to work with C2 came up, and I jumped at it,” he remembers.

Initially, Alex was brought on to work with all the European dealers. Since then, the international Concept2 structure has evolved. “At the time I began in 1999, I was working for the former Concept2 European distribution management company. In 2005 I moved over to Concept2, Inc. Then I moved again in 2013 to Concept2 Ltd., our UK subsidiary.”

Alex’s rowing career began at school when he was 14-years-old. He went on to row at Nottingham University, then rowed lightweight at Notts County Rowing Association for eight years. “I rowed with a lot of people who were much more talented than I was,” he claims humbly. When pressed to elaborate on his rowing accomplishments, Alex recalls, “My personal highlight was winning the Wyfold Challenge Cup at Henley in 1999. I did win a hammer as a 30–39 lightweight at CRASH-B a few years ago. But the field was very weak that year!”

Alex’s favorite activities outside of work are spending time with friends and family, and, of course, “anything connected with sport.” He lives with his wife, Julie, and four-year-old daughter, Beth.

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