Service | Concept2

Wirelessly Connecting Devices

This video will walk you through how to connect ErgData to your Android or iOS device.

The PM5 supports wireless connections to ErgData on compatible devices using Bluetooth Smart.

  • iOS Users—PM5 Firmware version 17/717 or later is required
  • Android Users
    • PM5 Firmware version 19/719 or later is required
    • ErgData version 1.09 or later is required

To wirelessly connect your Android or iOS device:

  1. From the PM5 Main Menu, select Connect.
  2. Note the PM5 number displayed.
  3. Launch the ErgData app on your device. (If ErgData displays a screen explaining your connection options, click OK to close it.)
  4. In ErgData, click the gear icon, then:
    1. iOS—Select Bluetooth Smart PM5 Interface and toggle it on.
    2. Android—Under Bluetooth, select PM5 and toggle it on.
  5. When ErgData displays a list of PM5s, select the PM5 number that matches the number displayed on the PM5 (from step 2).
  6. Return to the main ErgData screen and begin your workout.

When your workout is over and you've finished using ErgData, we recommend that you manually disconnect your device from the PM5 by doing one of the following:

  • Turn the PM5 off by pressing the Menu button four times in a row.
  • From the PM5 Main Menu, go to Connect > Disconnect App.