Time Standards

Concept2 will offer a travel stipend to the World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRIC) in Long Beach, CA for athletes that meet the time standard at a Concept2 sanctioned race in the USA or Canada. The sanctioned race must be held on or before February 17, 2019. Sanctioned races will be designated as such on our race calendar. Please note, at this Long Beach Rowing Association regatta, there will be some events offered which are not WRIC events. This stipend opportunity applies to WRIC events only. The stipend is open to people of any nationality, but sanctioned races are currently only held in the USA and Canada.

To receive the travel stipend, you must do the following:

  • Row in a 2,000m event at a sanctioned race on our online calendar and meet the time standards below.
  • You must race at WRIC in the same weight category as you do in the sanctioned race .
  • Complete the online form for time standard qualifiers. We will need your name, date of birth, the race location you met the time standard at, your race event and your 2,000m result.
  • Make your own travel arrangements to Long Beach, CA.
  • You will receive a $400 travel stipend from Concept2 after you have competed at WRIC.

Sanctioned races can be found on the race calendar.

WRIC race details and online entry is at https://www.regattacentral.com/regatta/?job_id=6039&org_id=0

If you have any questions, please contact indoorracing@concept2.com.

Time Standards

Age Category Women Open Women Lightweight Men Open Men Lightweight
Under 19 6:52.2 N/A 6:02.1 N/A
Under 23 6:43.9 7:16.2 5:55.2 6:16.5
Open 6:41.2 7:13.5 5:51.7 6:13.8
27-35 6:41.2 7:13.5 5:51.7 6:13.8
36-42 6:48.8 7:18.9 5:55.2 6:18.0
43–49 7:03.0 7:28.7 6:02.6 6:25.9
50–54 7:17.8 7:38.8 6:16.2 6:36.3
55–59 7:29.3 7:47.0 6:26.9 6:45.1
60-64 7:41.5 7:57.4 6:38.2 6:54.8
65-69 7:57.4 8:07.9 6:50.9 7:06.9
70-74 8:16.6 8:24.0 7:05.9 7:21.7
75-79 8:43.7 8:50.6 7:24.6 7:40.2
80-82 9:28.4 9:31.6 7:48.4 8:01.3
83-85 10:22.3 10:07.4 8:07.9 8:15.7
86-88 11:41.2 11:02.7 8:34.0 8:34.0
89+ 13:44.3 12:12.5 9:12.3 8:56.6


See our Adaptive Classifications page for more information on para-rowing standards. Please contact indoorracing@concept2.com with any questions.

Category Women Men
PR1 9:38.5 8:14.5
PR2 8:23.5 7:29.6
PR3 7:57.0 6:36.1

Altitude Time Standards

Time standards for races done at altitude will be added shortly. Please contact indoorracing@concept2.com for more information.


Race Calendar

For a full list of races, visit the US and Canada race calendar.

Concept2 Resources

Any questions? If so, contact indoorracing@concept2.com

Age Classification

For WRIC, age classes are not based off age as of race day, but are instead based off age as of December 31, 2019.

Lightweight Classifications

Lightweight classification is as follows:

  • Men: 75 kgs and under
  • Women: 61.5 kgs and under

International Competitors

You do not need to reach a particular qualifying time in order to race at the World Rowing Indoor Championships.

There is a budget available to fund flights and accommodation for a small number of elite international competitors, particularly for the open categories.

For more information please contact Alex Dunne at alexd@concept2.com.